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RedSide Custom Tools

We develop and manufacture original bike tools and equipment with the mission of improving cyclists' lives.

BleedPro Syringe Holder Kit

Portable Bike Stand

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Free Replacement Policy

RedSide Custom Tools offers free replacement for parts and tools based on the given situation. If the tool bought from RedSide breaks, we can almost always offer an upgraded, improved replacement free of charge.

Origin of RedSide Custom Tools

As a young mountain biker who liked to work on their bike, I found it frustrating and surprising that the bike tool and service industry did not match the level of ingenuity and budget found in the bike design department. Millions of dollars were being spent to create new shocks, wheels, and bike kinematics, but not on the tools to work on this equipment. Being experienced in CAD and additive manufacturing, I decided to make my own custom, purpose-driven tools. Not every tool is for everyone, but I know that if I had struggled or been frustrated regarding a service or maintenance process, some other cyclist has too. Here at RedSide, we make custom and innovative parts, tools, and equipment to make every mountain bikers' life easier; in the bike shop and on the trail. We use many different materials, including plastics, for bike service tools as a precaution for easily damaged bike components. We specialize in top-tier customer service, including: free shipping in the USA, free replacement, free 30 day returns, 25% coupon code for second-time customers, and much more. I hope you find your tool presented nicely and functional beyond perfection.


The traditional cycling tools that just don't cut it anymore

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