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The Fork Seal Remover

The Fork Seal Remover


The conventional way of removing the brush-wiper seals is by prying them out with a small metal lever. This action requires a great amount of strength (due to the low mechanical advantage) and is difficult to control. High-end mountain bike forks are designed to be ultra-lightweight, so the inside of the fork is composed of an especially soft aluminum alloy. When using a hard tool that is also difficult to control to remove the seals, scratching the internal walls or components is almost guaranteed and will ruin the fork.


The Seal Remover turns a precarious wrenching job into an easy three step process anyone can do regardless of strength or technical knowledge. While a tire lever crushes half of the seal to pry the other half upward, the Seal Remover pushes directly upward from underneath the seal. Simply:

  • Insert the Seal Remover into the fork and under the brush-wiper seal.
  • Set the bottom of the Seal Remover on the table and aligning the circular foot with lower half of the main body.
  • Apply downward pressure to top of the fork, and the seal pops out.

Now anyone can remove the seal with little effort and a high amount of control. The Seal Remover is made from a soft but durable plastic to eliminate the risk of scratching the inside walls.


RedSide Custom Tools' Revolutionary Seal Remover... for those of us who are tired of ruining top-end mountain bike forks using tire levers.

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