MTB Rotor Protector

MTB Rotor Protector

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The MTB Rotor Protector is the first and only product designed to protect the rotor when the wheel is unattached from the bike. This sturdy encasing protects the rotor from scratches and bends during travel and storage.


Less of a tool and more protective equipment, it utilizes the thru-axel design found in most high-end wheel hubs, allowing it to be mounted and removed, securely and easily. With the Rotor Protector, you can toss your front wheel in the car with no concern of rotor damage.


When Would I Use The MTB Rotor Protector?

When Ever You Remove Your Bike's Front Wheel:

• A mountain bike Roof Rack that requires removal of the bike's front wheel.
• A Shipping Box with your mountain bike. This is advantageous for PinkBike Buy/Sell; or any time you ship your bike.
• A Bike Bag when taking your mountain bike on a plane.
• A bike transported Inside Your Car.
• Changing the front wheel's tire/tube at the trailhead.


Tired of riding with rotor rub? Time to get the MTB Rotor Protector!

  • Tech Specs

    The MTB Rotor Protector is made out of special plastic that is extremely sturdy, durable, light-weight, biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable.


    This tool is 8 inches (20.5 cm) long and weighs less than 0.5 lbs (230g). Meaning it's hand-held and extremely portable for wherever you ride!


    It utilizes the thru-axel design found in most high-end wheel hubs, allowing it to be mounted and removed, securely and easily. 


    The Front Rotor Protector thru-axel is the standard 15mm diameter; allowing a quality, snug fit on almost all mountain bikes. The Rear Rotor Protector thru-axel is 12mm diameter. For assurance, the thru-axel of the MTB Rotor Protector is removable and replaceable.





  • Front vs Rear Rotor Protectors

    Front Rotor Protectors use a 15 mm diameter thru-axle that most mountain bike front-wheel hubs use.


    Rear Rotor Protectors use a 12 mm diameter thru-axle that most mountain bike rear-wheel hubs use.


    Front and Rear Rotor Protectors are only compatible with the designated thru-axle. E.G; a 12 mm REAR axle is not compatible with a Front Rotor Protector (and vice versa).

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  • Custom MTB Rotor Protector

    Want your own personalized one-off Rotor Protector? Looking for a special custom gift for your mountain biking friend? Check out our Custom MTB Rotor Protector.

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