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Universal Brake Bleed Syringe Holder

Universal Brake Bleed Syringe Holder




As of 6/20/2023: The Brake Bleed Syringe Holder is completely universal for all mountain bikes, with the longer mount compatible with a handlebar and bike rear-triangle for front and rear bleed services. We can ship out these orders.


We are still working to make this Universal for hydraulic-based Road bikes.




The RedSide Custom Tools’ Brake Bleed Syringe Holder is a completely original design and tool that makes all Brake Bleed Services easier and faster than ever before.


When doing a Brake Bleed Service, two vertically held syringes manipulate fluid that goes in and out of the brake line to remove air bubbles. It is common understanding that in order to properly clear air, both syringes need to be held vertically the entire time. However, to hold both syringes vertically for the duration of the entire process is extremely difficult and usually results in a poor brake bleed.


Created to fit any common brake bleed kit syringe system on any bike, this tool utilizes two directionally-opposing mounts to hands-free hold and keep the syringes vertical during the brake bleed process. The tool features adjustable rubber straps and fitted indents for fast and easy application as well as high friction anti-slip silicone pads to ensure consistent, reliable mount ability for both the syringe and bike.

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  • Tech Specs

    The Brake Bleed Syringe Holder Kit is made out of special plastic that is extremely sturdy, durable, light-weight, biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable.


    This kit comes with both, front and rear syringe holders.


    Weight:  <1/3 lbs | 0.15 kg