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Mountain Bike Service Mat

Mountain Bike Service Mat

SKU: 1648274

The Service Mat is a soft and oil-resistant surface designed with bike-suspension and component services in mind.


It stops all liquids and lubricants from seeping onto the desk, it stops any scratching between parts and the table, it’s great for small part organization, and it’s much prettier than a blank table.


Quality components are serviced on quality equipment, not on soggy paper towels and dirty shop rags.


The bottom side is made up of an anti-slip rubber compound.


The White Oil-Proof Surface will not stain from oil.

  • Dimensions

    The Standard Mountain Biking Service Mat:

    (Length x Width x Thickness)

    0.6 meters x 0.45 meters x 5 mm

    2 feet x 1.5 feet x 5 mm

  • Oil-Proof v. Oil-Absorbent

    Oil Proof | Vulcanized

    The Mountain Bike Service Mat's surface is oil-proof and water-proof, making bike-service clean-up fast and easy. Oil and all lubricants will sit on the surface on the mat without seeping in. This is recommended for light colored Service Mats or when quality retention is desired.


    The Oil Proof Mats are synthetic vulcanized rubber, meaning it is extremely durable and lubricant proof. This rubber will not age or react with any house-hold chemicals.



    Oil Absorbent | Unvulcanized

    The Mountain Bike Service Mat's surface absorbs oil and isopropyl alcohol, making its function best for active usage. With oil-absorption, there is no need to worry about wiping off lubricants and drippy parts are no issue. With a black or dark colored mat, there is no concern of discoloration or staining from oil absorption. Still, oil will not penetrate through to the desk or surface underneath


    The Oil Absorbent Mats are composed of 100% natural unvulcanized rubber, meaning it is made from the actual rubber in trees. These mats are completely bio-degradeable and eco-friendly. However, these mats will have mechanical limitations because of their natural composition. Certain harsh suspension fluids and oils may minorly react with the natural rubber. This can result in Mat discoloration or Mat degration over time with heavy usage.


    The Rainbow Silicon Service Mat is the deluxe, and highest quality version of the Service Mat. It is Oil-Proof.

  • Custom Mountain Bike Service Mat

    Want your own one-off custom service mat with your design and sizing? Check out the Custom Service Mat.