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The Portable Bike Stand (Helping Hand)

The Portable Bike Stand (Helping Hand)

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The Portable Bike Stand is a mounting system between a bike and a non-moving vehicle that serves as a portable bike stand. It is the smallest and lowest cost bike stand that exists.

The Portable Bike Stand solves a lot of problems bikers face when trying to make adjustments or repairs to their bike out on the trail. The unique features of the Portable Bike Stand make it a practical and valuable tool for any biking enthusiast.


  • Stability: The Portable Bike Stand provides stability to your bike, holding it vertical on any terrain. This makes it easier to make adjustments or repairs without having to hold the bike yourself.


  • Protection: The soft silicone backing of the tool protects both your bike and your car from scratches and other potential damage. You can lean your bike against your car without worrying about damaging either one.


  • Magnetic Hold: The tool features powerful rare-earth magnets (Neodymium Grade 52) that hold your bike firmly in place, even when you're driving at freeway speeds. It's designed to stay put until you want to remove it.


  • Tool Storage: The Portable Bike Stand has slots for Allen wrenches and other bits, keeping your tools within easy reach while you're working on your bike.


  • Eco-Friendly: The tool is made from Polylactide, a type of plastic that's not only sturdy, durable, and lightweight, but also biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable.


  • Compact and Portable: With a length of less than 6 inches and a weight of less than 0.3 lbs, the Portable Bike Stand is easy to take with you wherever you ride.


In conclusion, the Portable Bike Stand is a must-have tool for mountain bikers. It provides a safe, convenient place to keep your bike, makes it easy to work on your bike, and helps protect the environment, all while being small and light enough to take with you on every ride.


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The Portable Bike Stand is an all-new, original bike tool that allows any rider to keep their bike standing steady and safely at the trailhead. The bike's grip is placed into the tool’s handle slot and the tool holds the bike vertical and still, regardless of hilly or flat terrain.


Right now, at the trailhead or parking lot, adjusting your bike configurations, brake-levers, seat post height, or really doing anything to your bike is a complete nightmare. Unless you brought your whole shop work-stand, dealing with your bike at the trailhead is frustrating. Everyone does a poor job trying to work on their bike while holding it.


The Portable Bike Stand is designed to allow you to lean your bike against your car safely and protects both your bike and your car with a soft, silicone backing. With this tool, you don't have to leave your bike in some parking spot, ruining your grips and saddle in the dirt, and you don't have to scratch your bike leaning it against a tree or half-way against your car.


But The Tool Would Scratch Your Car's Paint? Right? No


Due to true practicality and the ‘obvious’ feeling the Portable Bike Stand gives to most viewers, this tool was and remains an instant hit with most mountain bikers.

    • Dimensions

      5.9 inches long x 1.6 inches tall vs 1.5 inches deep

    • --FAQs--

      Protect your car and bike with the all-new magnetic Portable Bike Stand

      • Quick, hassle-free magnetic application and removal
      • Tested in all-weather conditions at highway speeds.  


      Can the Portable Bike Stand hold the bike on unlevel or hill terrain?

      • Yes! Despite awkward uneven land, the Portable Bike Stand will still keep your bike standing firm!


      Can the Portable Bike Stand hold alan keys while being used?

      • Yes! The Portable Bike Stand was designed to be used for a quick bike tune-up at the trailhead. So when you're in need of an alan key, it'll be in arms' reach!


      Will the Portable Bike Stand stay on while I'm driving?

      • Yes! The Portable Bike Standhas been built to stay on your car at highway speeds. Make sure the Portable Bike Stand is flat against the car so air cannot get underneath.


      Does the Portable Bike Stand fit all bike handles?

      • The Portable Bike Stand can secure bikes with round handles as well as road bike handles by inserting the handle break into the centermost groove


      Can I pump my tires, adjust suspension, clean my chain etc. while my bike is on the Portable Bike Stand?

      • Absolutely!


      How do I know if my car's magnetic?

      • Most cars are magnetic. There are a few exceptions though (such as corvettes or other racing cars), and if body work has been done in a specific area it may no longer be magnetic. A simple way to test if your car is magnetic is to take a refrigerator magnet and stick it to the vehicle. If the refrigerator magnet sticks, the magnetic Portable Bike Stand will too.


      How do I keep it from being stolen?

      • We normally keep the magnetic Portable Bike Stand on our car throughout the day. Sometimes when we leave the parking spot we'll throw it in the trunk just in case!


      Is it easy to remove?

      • Yes! Simply pull off the magnetic Portable Bike Stand and the strong magnets will release