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Origin of RedSide Custom Tools

As a mountain biker, I found it extremely frustrating that mountain biking had such a lack of specialized tools. Being experienced in AutoCAD and a 3D printing advocate, I decided to make my own custom, purpose-driven tools. Not every tool is for everyone, but I know that if I have struggled or been frustrating regarding a service or maintenance process, some other cyclist has too. Here at RedSide, we make quality, custom-designed and innovative parts, tools, and equipment to make every mountain bikers' life easier. We use specialty plastics for bike service tools as a precaution for lightweight and easily damaged bike components. We specialize in top-tier customer service, this includes free shipping in the USA, free replacement, free custom color request, free stickers with purchase, 25% coupon code for second purchase, and much more. I hope you find your part or tool presented nicely and functional beyond perfection.



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